Toy trends: wood, heroes and apps are trendy in the game world

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Responsibility for the environment comes into focus. Experts from the greenstories and Picco’s specialist shops in Korbach present toy trends.


The trend is towards toys that can be used in many ways and thus promise a particularly long service life, says Katja Koch from greenstories Public Relations department. A prime example of this are the products from Wishbone .


The Wishbone bike can be converted from a tricycle to an impeller and adapted to the size of the child again and again – it grows with the age from 12 months to 5 years. The Wishbone Mini Flip even has three functions: slide, walker and rocking animal. “This means that the fun starts at the age of 9 months and certainly doesn’t stop until the age of 3,” says Koch.


The sense of balance can be trained with the Wobbel Board. 


The wobble boards, curvy balance boards, are also used for a long time and are used in children aged 12 months and older. These can also be used as a book shelf when reading or played on by figures. Depending on the size of the model, parents can also train their sense of balance with the curved arches.

Toy UGears Hurdy Gurdy besides the logical toy then you can learn how to play it.


Board game from Hungary


Board games for the whole family are still in trend. “We are big fans of the Marbushka games. These board games from the small Hungarian manufacturer are fun for the whole family. The production is based on natural materials and recycling. On top of that, the games are beautifully and richly illustrated.


Some board games, such as “Bugs”, with a playing time of around ten minutes, are also great for a small round in between, “emphasizes Katja Koch.


With regard to digitization and the effects on the new game products, the greenstories spokeswoman finds critical words: “We want to counteract the sedentary childhood and have aligned our range accordingly. We would like to invite children to discover and play – also in nature. At the same time, toys should support all child development. However, the use of app-controlled toys that are not age-appropriate and used too early means that only the same finger movement is always trained, so that especially fine motor skills are neglected in development. ”


Toy trends made of robust material


The trend towards sustainability is reflected in toys. Today’s parents would pay even more attention to what they buy their children. Last but not least, through public debates on harmful plasticizers in water bottles and plastic toys.


At the same time, awareness of plastic consumption has increased significantly. “The toy industry produces tons of new plastic every year, and parents can influence this development with their purchases,” says Katja Koch.


Wooden toys are not only valued, however, because they represent an ecological alternative to conventional plastic. The material is durable, robust and therefore also ensures longer fun.


Toy trends with light and sound effects


Especially from an educational point of view, Katja Koch advertises the products at greenstories and says: “Many of the toys that are sold today are equipped with all kinds of light and sound effects. The manufacturers often already specify the style of play.


However, it is much more important to give children an open game world in which the toy itself can be discovered. Simply designed wooden arches and boards (for example from Grimms) stimulate the child’s imagination.


Houses, bridges and entire landscapes are created in the game. So openly designed toys can be adapted to the game situation again and again. “


Helping dogs


At Picco and Pedalo in Korbach , sales consultant Ralf Müller presents the most popular products: “The items from Paw Patrol, Sylvanian Families and Schleich are particularly popular with preschool / kindergarten children”. Paw Patrol are five dogs that have different characters and strengths. They intervene wherever they are needed.


Sylvanian is played primarily by girls. Figure families in animal form with beautiful playhouses and many furnishings. The game idea is the preservation of nature.


At Schleich, the Horse Club series for girls is particularly popular. So everything about the horse. The Reitercafé is new.


Movie “Frozen” sets toy trends


Frozen Part 2 (Frozen) is still very strong and pushed by the current movie. From the singing dolls Anna and Elsa to the snowman Olaf, there is everything in the toy area – coloring books, painting by numbers, games, puzzles and more.


In addition, the “First Carrera” track for children from 3 years of age is currently very much in demand. The highlight is the lower power supply. So there is a battery box instead of a transformer. The cars are also held on the track by a strong magnet.


Training of motor skills


The mechanical wooden kits from the Ukrainian company Ligna Arts (UGEARS models) are completely new in the Picco’s range – suitable for young people and adults. “Highly recommended for relaxation and training in motor skills,” says Müller.


“Monsterjäger” from Schmidt-Spiele developed as a hit. A reaction game in which you have to snap quickly to catch the monster that is displayed on the monster mixer (game for 2-4 players, ages 5+).


“Not all cinema productions are synonymous with a good sale of the corresponding toy articles,” reports Müller, revealing: “Playmobil-Movie and Dragons was not particularly successful, but firefighter Sam and Frozen were strong in selling the merchandise articles.”


In the field of digitization, there is the Lego new product series Hidden Side. You download the Lego app, build the Lego kit in the classic way, explore the built-up game world with your smartphone and then catch ghosts online. So a combination of classic Lego building and online role-playing.


Toy trends: trend towards buying online


So far, the topic of sustainability has only played a minor role in the articles in demand, says the Picco’s seller. There is also no increased trend towards wooden articles, although Picco’s with Haba and Eichhorn, Hape and Spielmaus lead very good wood suppliers.


Finally, Ralf Müller reports another trend: “The sale of higher-priced items is now mostly done online. Expensive items from Playmobil and Lego are increasingly being bought online.


Because the price difference to brick-and-mortar retail is now large. Consumers are always on, everything is transparent, and we can hardly sell anything regularly in the shop from a price range above 50 euros. ”

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