UGEARS 460: Lasercut steam locomotive model offers a lot of handicraft

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For railroad, model building and model railroad fans, the company UGEARS offers great 3D laser cut functional kits, including railroad models. These laser cut kits are an absolute eye-catcher and offer you a lot of craft fun.


As soon as you read the multilingual instructions, model builders and lasercut fans can look forward to assembly.


Because the manufacturer UGEARS, which was also present at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019, points out on the first pages that hardly any tools and no glue are needed to assemble this unusual functional model.


The following assembly aids are recommended:


  • Cutter knife
  • some sandpaper
  • a little wax
  • more stable household scissors


In addition, the model should be able to drive up to 4 meters with the help of a rubber drive! So I got to work. It took less than 5 minutes and I was thrilled with the kit. The lasered components were very easy to push out of the plywood frame without great pressure. I also removed some burrs with the emery paper, although according to the instructions this is not necessary.


Even with the first individual parts, you could see that the kits made in Ukraine are perfectly designed and that the individual parts fit together easily. The undercarriage, the body, the drive, the tender and the rails are assembled over a total of 42 construction phases.


In particular, the fully functional chassis of the steam locomotive with the large driving axles can please. There are also various moving parts on the locomotive and on the tender.


The drive is complex. The power of the twisted rubber bands is distributed to the central drive axle via various gearwheels and from there via the drive rods to all axles. Additional flywheels should reduce the explosive start somewhat.


To assemble the drive perfectly, two things have to be considered:


First, the toothpicks that serve as axes should fit exactly. They shouldn’t be too long, but they shouldn’t be too short either. Because then the gears shift and no longer mesh properly.

In addition, the gears pose the greatest risk of demolition. Therefore, one should be particularly careful here when releasing from the frame.


If you put everything together after several hours of handicraft fun, you get a 68 cm long, very interesting steam locomotive functional model.


Special feature


A special feature of this unusual steam locomotive model is its scale. Because model railroaders, the 1:32 scale is known as the nominal size of Märklin Gauge 1, the “King’s Gauge” with a gauge of 45 mm. The idea of putting the UGEARS model on 1-track tracks quickly came up, of course. And indeed: it works – as long as it goes straight ahead. Because the coupling axes of the model are rigid in the frame, so they have no play to the side and can therefore not drive on curves of the typical model railroad radii.


In addition to the tracks of track 1, the tracks of the LGB garden railway have a track width of 45 mm and can be used for the purpose of letting the Lasercut steam locomotive travel four meters with a rubber drive.


In addition to this steam locomotive model, UGEARS also offers a variety of other models, including those related to the railway. These include a level crossing, a wagon, tracks and also a platform. A look at the variety of other models, including a tram and car models, is definitely worthwhile on the UGEARS website.

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