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A few weeks ago I was looking for valuable mechanical wooden toys. The wooden box & locomotive 460 (+ tender) came  into question as a creative gift idea for me. In this guide , we go into detail about the quality and workmanship of the toy (Loc) and clarify the most important aspects during assembly.


With the right accessories, you will save yourself a lot of nerves when assembling the Locomotive 460. What exactly is needed for assembly?


The  sandpaper  is included . You have to take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can use a normal knife. Small parts are processed briefly with the cutter knife so that they do not break when  pressed out of the wooden templates .


Choose a working environment wisely


For assembly, I recommend a  flat surface . There is a large table here.


When the weather is nice, this kit can also be assembled in the garden, although you will need a harder surface.


As a radical Russian, you will  despair of some small filigree parts. I recommend using  gentle force to remove the individual parts from the templates. The laser cutting of the individual elements is very precise.


The selected wood quality is also of high quality and should a piece break now and then, a replacement element can usually be found  on another template.


These spare parts are marked with  + add on the template . Alternatively, you can also write to UGears support to receive some spare parts. Ideal as a  creative gift idea for adults.


The  instructions are very detailed  and each step is shown with colored pictures.  The locomotive seems to be one of the first models from  UGears , which is why the instructions did not represent a step correctly at 1-2 points.


However, this little blunder can be neglected, since the following pictures explain everything logically.


I have a total of 2 different toys from UGears.  Many parts of the Locomotive 460 were fixed with the included  toothpicks , which in principle speaks against it.


Still, assembling with the little sharp devils was very painful a few times. The cuts should be made carefully with the cutter knife to avoid injury.


You can spend a few very nice moments with the toy. It is made entirely of wood. Rubber bands are required for the drive.


The only disadvantages with this set: The  toothpicks are all packed in plastic …. was that really necessary? This is my only criticism of this wooden toy.


No glue is used with the many templates!


Assembly tips & tricks


With this model, I recommend you to work the  toothpicks with the included sandpaper . Then grow and only then insert into the corresponding holes.


The  templates  you can from the outside with a bread knife (with teeth)  cut, then the individual can elements express simple .


Use  gentle force  . With some fragile elements,  the gears must not break off. Better take a few seconds more before pushing it out.


It is best not to push the parts through only in one direction, but alternately in both directions. Until the module loosens.


The assembly is fun and frustrating! As soon as the whole model is ready, it can of course be used as a toy. Cabin with retractable step ladder provides opportunities. The doors can be opened and closed.


Gears, flywheels and piston cylinders  move majestically to drive the Loc . The rubber motor drives the Loc. For this purpose, it is first mechanically wound up.


Do not use  12 rubbers anymore , otherwise the forces for the individual parts would be too great!


Conclusion & evaluation


For  less than 70 euros  you can get an extremely  high quality mechanical wooden toy . UGears brought out a lot with the Kickstarter campaign and launched some wonderful gift ideas  for adults.


The  age recommendation  is for the toy from 14 years , whereby I believe that under 16 the toy should not be used. Patience, mindfulness and concentration can be encouraged during assembly. Over time, it even has a meditative effect.

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